The highest levels of
availability, reliability
& security

Quality and Information Security Policy


To offer world-class solutions through the use of consistently high quality and technologically advanced products and services, tailor-made to meet the requirements of each client in terms of cost, reliability, availability, efficiency and scalability, maximizing the value of client investments in IT/technology and always complying with the highest security standards, allowing customers to focus on their core business and facilitating their growth. 


  1. To be the reliable and trusted IT partner for enterprises across the globe, synonymous with high quality services and technologically advanced products.
  2. To be the leading provider of world-class premium carrier-neutral data centre services in Cyprus and one of the leading enterprise IT integrators.
  3. To cultivate a culture for information security and provide an environment that minimizes the risk for data loss and/or destruction and ensures data confidentiality, integrity and availability.  
  4. To continuously adapt and improve quality and security policies and procedures, minimizing the possibility of potential breaches and mitigating their impact/consequences should they occur
  5. To continuously invest in new technology and infrastructure upgrades to ensure optimal and non-disruptive service delivery to clients at all times.
  6. To establish and maintain mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with global technology companies/vendors in order to offer a current, complete and best of breed product and solution portfolio.
  7. To acquire the necessary human resources in terms of qualifications, knowledge and expertise that will enable the company to fulfill its goals and offer a working environment that promotes productivity, efficiency and loyalty among personnel.
  8. To facilitate continuous education and development of its staff through appropriate training in order to improve and expand their knowledge, skills and qualifications.
  9. To effectively communicate the company’s leading status and build a strong brand name.


Implementation of Quality and Information Security Management Systems (QMS/ISMS)

Simplex Software and Internet Services Ltd. is committed in implementing Quality and Information Security Management Systems (QMS/ISMS) according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 respectively and their legislative / statutory responsibilities. To achieve this, it recognizes and manages quality and information security risks and opportunities, sets realistic and measurable objectives and undertakes regular assessment through internal and external audits, performance review meetings and collection of client feedback. These activities enable the company to undertake relevant corrective and/or preventive actions to maintain and enhance quality of service and confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.