When the time comes for a new ICT (Information and Communication Technology) purchase things can get complex; the bigger the purchase cost, the higher the risk to fail buying the right solution in terms of cost and specification.  Even on small deals a lot can go wrong still.

Organizations do not usually have the time  to look for the right deal or even worse, for bigger purchases, they don't have the time to prepare detailed tender specification.  In addition, even if there is a relevant in-house department, it's highly unlikely to be familiar with all ICT trends and thus, organizations tend to buy out-dated equipment or something "over-qualified" and over-priced for their real need.  In many cases, enterprises tend to tailor their needs to what various vendors propose instead of finding something that meets their genuine requirements, i.e. organizations become hostile to vendors/suppliers.

Simplex will work with you to understand your needs and ensure a suitable solution is chosen.  Whatever your needs are, as simple as purchasing a new server or as complex as building a new data center, we will prepare a detailed tender document which will then be submitted to various suppliers to submit their offers.  Offerings are assessed technically to examine how well they meet the tender specification and of course, financially.

Technical analysis of a proposal/offer includes detailed comparison of the specification of the proposed system/service to the one specified in the tender document.  In addition, scalability is taken seriously into account to ensure that a system will not become obsolete but will grow along with the company.

Financial analysis is not limited to finding the cheapest alternative but in calculating long-term cost, return on investment, etc.  We will ensure that you get the most competitive offers and even after we end-up to the best option we will negotiate on your behalf for even better terms.  We even pay attention to your budgeting and cash-flow and can arrange finance and/or leasing facilities as required.