Structured Cabling & Patching

Structured cabling and patching is one of the relatively simple things within an office infrastructure or a Data Centre.  This causes it to be overlooked in many cases, something which causes problems in the long run.

Structured cabling, whether this is within the floor of an office, for interconnecting floors or for interconnecting racks within a Data Centre, it has to be carefully planned and designed so that it is practical to connect devices to it but also, to be scalable and allow the easy addition of extra points to cater for future needs.  The right choice of materialsl to use, copper or fiber, is important for all aforementioned reasons but also, for cost.

Simplex is a partner of Panduit, the global leader in the area of structured cabling materials. The Panduit brand and Simplex's experience are your guarantee for a practical, reliable and futureproof structured cabling solution, tailor made to your needs.

When it comes to patching, especially in the server room/Data Centre or within the distribution point of a floor or entire building or even in open plan offices, we all know how messy it gets to trace and identify cables.  How many times an engineer found himself unplugging the wrong cable because he could not trace or identify correctly the cable he wanted to unplug?  To avoid this mess and associated downtime, Simplex introduced PatchSee to Cyprus.  

PatchSee cables are reliable, high quality patch cords which in addition to standard patch cords they incorporate two plastic optical fibres running across the entire length of the cable.  They come in various lengths, in UTP or FTP form and as 2-pair telephony, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a (for 10Gbits applications) cables.  A special tool called Light Injector, injects light that runs through the entire cable and lights up the cable on the other end so that it is easy to identify.  The important thing with PatchSee cables is that they are not expensive, on the contrary their price is very close to that of regular patch cords.  Taking into account that with PatchSee cables you can keep your racks and interconnection points tidy and in addition, you avoid accidental downtime, PatchSee is the right choice for either new setups or existing ones which "got out of control".

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