Today's organizations, whether small, medium or big, depend a lot on their IT and communications infrastructure.  If systems, whether hardware or software, fail, the overheads are huge since the staff cannot carry out its work; if there is no work, there is no income but the staff still needs to get paid!  Customers also get frustrated when they cannot be serviced and the excuse for a systems' failure will not change their feeling; a disappointed customer might easily become an ex-customer!  Many organizations keep sensitive data such as customers' personal and financial information.  In many cases, human factor was the reason for unauthorized, mass disclosure of such information which caused organizations a lot of money for compensations or to fight legal action against them but most importantly caused them a bad reputation.

For all above reasons, when employing IT staff, whether this is end-user technical support, a systems administrator or a security officer, it is important to be able to choose the right people.  The HR department of any organization might understand the business need but not the technical skills that a person should possess to fill a position; this can result in a badly formed vacancy which is the beginning of wrong recruitment.  Even after you get the vacancy right though you need to be able to assess whether a candidate indeed satisfies the requirements for a position and this needs special knowledge that an organization might not have in-house.

At Simplex we will work with you to evaluate your needs for IT staff and determine the requirements (academic, experience, etc.) for the right candidate.  Knowing the IT market quite well, we will also help you define the right budget for the position; this is an important step to ensure employee loyalty as in IT staff turnover turns out to be a big issue.  We will then help you prepare a vacancy and we will even guide you in regards of where to post your vacancy to minimize advertising expenses while maximizing response/interest.  Through appropriately formed interviews we will assess all candidates and give you our suggestion which can be a single person or a short list of people with equivalent skills to choose from.  Following the recruitment of the right person and since we have already understood your needs from the very beginning, we will help this person to deliver the maximum in a short period of time by guiding him through responsibilities and monitoring how he/she copes with them.

With Simplex, recruiting the right IT staff is guaranteed.