About Simplex

Simplex Software & Internet Services Ltd. (Simplex) is a company registered in the Republic of Cyprus (company registration no. C165621) and was established in January 2003. As of March 2007 Simplex operates from privately owned offices which feature a state of the art data center.
Simplex provides a wide range of services in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Simplex operates through four departments which compliment each other:

  •      Consulting Services: deals with providing customers with the right consultation in regards of their ICT policy, infrastructure and solutions to adopt, physical and network security, etc. Data Center consulting is a special area aimed towards ISPs, Banks and other large organizations who need a data center (or server room) built according to the highest standards as defined by the Uptime Institute.
  •       Web & Internet Services: services such as web design and development, e-Commerce solutions including online payments, digital SSL certificates, shared hosting, domain name services, etc. are offered through this department.
  •        Data Center Services: all services related to our own data center, including colocation facilities, disaster recovery and business continuity, remote backup solutions, managed services, etc. are offered through this department.
  •       Advanced Infrastructure Services: this deals with the design and implementation of advanced solutions in the areas of voice and data communications, physical and network security, server rooms and data centres, enterprise systems setup, high availability solutions, etc.

With a huge experience in various technologies, the company has so far offered its services to private and public companies from Cyprus, Europe, the Middle East, U.S. and Australia as well as Cyprus Government/Semi-government organizations. Simplex’s staff has been extensively involved in large banking and government projects as well as big projects in Europe and the Middle East.
Simplex’s philosophy is to help its customers assessing their needs and proceeding step-by-step to the solutions that will satisfy their requirements while they remain within sensible costs. We ensure that our customers do not spend a fortune on solutions that will never pay back. We want to help our customers in building simple, yet scalable solutions that will evolve in parallel with their business targets.
In order to offer the best possible services to its customers, Simplex has established strategic partnerships with international leaders. All our partnerships ensure that our customers get world-class solutions in all aspects, including security, reliability and availability while they enjoy Simplex’s excellent service and support.
In August 2006 Simplex has been certified at the highest level as an Accredited Consultant for IT from the Cyprus Institute of Technology (accreditation number 396). The accreditation is only given to individuals and companies with a proven track of record in the area of IT consulting and is a proof for the quality of Simplex’s services and an assurance for customers that they can indeed rely on Simplex for all their IT needs.
The name of our company, Simplex, does not come from nowhere: Simplex is an optimization method in the area of Operations Research which is used to solve complex optimization problems by reducing them to simpler ones; this is our target: optimize the way in which our customers operate by providing to them simple, yet powerful and scalable solutions in order to compete and grow in the new e-Business era. 
After all, it might be difficult for companies to follow the technology evolution so leaving their e-Strategy to the experts allows them to focus on their core business.