Security is the foundation of any computing infrastructure and one of the fastest growing market segments of enterprise computing environments in the world. Further, the proliferation of VOIP, IP based solutions and services, hosted applications, application service providers and eCommerce activities has only exacerbated and increased the opportunities for exploitation at the small business level up to the large business enterprise level and beyond.  Moreover, network based solutions, products and services enable the extension of businesses into a global posture.  

In this environment, every organization needs to take measures at all levels to protect its digital assets, especially as compliance regulations are getting more and more strict.  Security audit will allow you to identify potential threats, take preventive action and plan for measures to mitigate any risks.

Specifically, our security consulting services include:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Business impact analysis
  • Development of security policies and procedures
  • Development of disaster recovery/business continuity plan.
Our engineers, with extensive experience gained from their in-depth, day to day involvement in global security projects across the globe, have certifications such as CISSP  (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and (CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker which are a re-assurance of our high quality of work.