Web Development & Solutions

Simplex originally started as a web development company with focus to the Cyprus market.  Web development along with pre-packaged solutions developed throughout the years and remain one of the main activities of the company but now with international focus.

Simplex can develop custom web sites, web (extranet) and intranet portals, e-commerce and other e-business applications, XML/web services solutions and also, client-server business applications.  Integration of new solutions with existings systems and applications is also among our competencies.

In both custom development or customizations of existing, pre-packaged solutions, we follow proven development methodologies which cover:

  1. Requirements analysis and documentation
  2. Solution design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. Release.

In all cases, there is close cooperation with the customer who is asked to read and verify requirements, approve designs and is involved in testing and acceptance.  The development cycle, as its name suggests, can be repeated over and over again until the customer is fully satisfied with the delivered solution.

There might be many people and companies possessing the technical skills (such as knowledge of a particular programming language and various tools) to implement various solutions. At Simplex however, we believe that the most important aspect in building solutions that will fully meet customer requirements is understanding the business needs that drove the customer in asking for a solution.  Our consultants will put themselves in your place and will document business requirements abstracting away from technicalities.  Clearly understanding the customer's business requirements is a quality that differentiates us from competition.  And of course, the high standard or our project managers and developers will ensure that the product developed will be one that is scalable and flexible to accommodate future requirements as well.

Depending on your needs Simplex will advise what are the best technologies to use.  Our team has extensive experience in most of todays modern technologies such as Java/J2EE, ASP/ASP .Net, PHP, XML, Web Services, HTML, CSS, Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript, VB Script, MySQL and SQL Server.

Pre-packaged solutions which can be customized to fit specific customer needs cover the following areas:
  • CMS (Content Management System) for:
    • Real estate
    • Car sales
    • Holiday rentals
    • Sports (mainly football/soccer)
    • Professional services
    • Telecoms
  • Corporate portals (including wikis, HR portal and integration of any existing systems into a single portal)
  • Invoicing and Management for companies offering corporate services.
  • Workflow systems (e.g. for HR, document distribution and approval, etc.)
  • Customer support systems (including ticket-based support, knowledgebase, FAQs, etc.)
  • Newsletter/mailing list management systems
  • Online booking systems for hotels, air-tickets, etc.
  • E-commerce/online shopping solutions.

When coming to Simplex you can be sure that we will offer you a solution like no one else can!