Web Marketing

Having a website, even if this is the best in all aspects, might not be enough to guarantee your online success.  Simplex's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Submission and PPC (Pay-per-Click) Campaign Management (often referred to as CPC, Cost-per-Click, Campaign Management) services guarantee that your website becomes known to the general public or to a targeted group of people.

The SEO service includes consultation and keywords research, re-writing of your website's content to appropriately include the selected keywords, creation of appropriate title tags, meta tags, alt tags, site maps, etc., internal linking between pages of your website, creation of external incoming links, submission to search engines and finally, reporting on optimization results and rankings.  This is a recursive process until the desired results are achieved and even after that in order to ensure that high rankings are maintained.

The Search Engine Submission service is part of the SEO service but is also offerred as a stand-alone service.  Under this service we will submit your website (without changing it at all) to hundreds of search engines, directories and links pages.  Of course, this is a lower cost solution but we cannot guarantee your rankings since we do not touch your website to make it search engine friendly.

In many cases, especially for e-Commerce sites, sites that offer online reservations for air tickets, hotels, etc. a PPC campaign is highly recommended.  The target of a PPC campaign is the sponsored links which appear on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.  You might wonder why not manage your campaign yourself and pay us to do it for you: the answer is that without knowledge and experience you might end up wasting your time and money and PPC can get very expensive if it is not managed properly.  If you choose us we will offer you an intial setup which includes keywords identification, determination of the right amount to bid for each keyword and overall budget planning, writing of titles and descriptions for your links/ads, geographical targeting, even distribution of your daily budget throughout a day.    We will then launch and manage your campaign; management includes tracking and optimization of your campaign to ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and of course, reporting on results.  

Simplex is committed to offering the highest standards of SEO that major search engines demand to ensure high rankings and to efficient setup and management of PPC campaigns to maximize clients' profits.   Thus, we are proud to turn down requests for web marketing if we foresee that we cannot help a customer and we offer a guarantee regarding the results of your web marketing effort.