Advanced Infrastructure

In order to cover all possible needs of an organization, Simplex offers design, implementation and maintenace services in the areas of voice and data communications, physical and network security, corporate server rooms/data centres, enterprise systems, high availability solutions and more.

Backup & Availability

Data Centre Infrastructure

If planning a new Data Centre or upgrading an existing one, Simplex can supply a series of world-class products and services.

Desktop, Notebooks and Peripherals

Simplex can supply a wide range of desktops, notebooks, workstations and peripherals, all from leading manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo and Sony.

Environmental Monitoring

Through its partnership with AVTECH, the leading global manufacturer of Room Alert environmental monitoring and alerting equipment, Simplex provides world-class IT and facilities environment monitoring by bringing Room Alert to the Cyprus market.

Network Management & Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring, alerting, logging and reporting for networks, systems and applications along with IT management support tools such as automated discovery and mapping.   WhatsUp Gold (WUG), the leading network management software (NMS) by Ipswitch helps identifying network.

Networks, Communications & Security

Through partnerships and certifications with world-class vendors Simplex is the right partner when it comes to network, communications and security.

Outsourcing & Support Services

Following the technology evolution and dealing with everyday support is destructive.  You can now outsource your infrastructure to Simplex and focus on core business.

Servers & Storage

Simplex has extensive experience in the configuration and deployment of server and storage systems from HP and IBM.

Software & Licensing Solutions

Simplex provides various software solutions and helps organizations towards making smart decisions in regards of the licensing of various products, mainly Microsoft licensing.

Structured Cabling & Patching

Structured cabling, whether copper or fiber, is the backbone on which data and voice flows within your organization.  It has to be reliable and practical.  The same applies for patching and Simplex has the solutions for both.

Key Features and Benefits

Help organizations with today’s IT challenges:

  • Cost for IT infrastructure
  • Reliability and availability of network, bandwidth, hardware and power
  • Security
  • In-house human expertise