Data Centre Audit

In many cases, Data Centers tend to be rooms which are barely monitored for environmental conditions, for which nobody has ever thought that they might unnecessarily waste money on monthly electricity bills and which in many cases tend to be rooms for storing old equipment.  Not to mention the security threats arising from a Data Centre that is not properly managed.  In most cases, all these are a result of day to day operations which do not allow time for IT staff to focus on the Data Centre as such.  The consequence is that organizations will be trying blindly to trace the causes of downtime or other malfunctions when something goes wrong.

Our experienced Data Centre engineers will examine thoroughly all systems of your Data Centre including structured cabling, fire detection and suppression, security systems (CCTV, intrusion detection, etc.), cooling, power, etc. and come back with a detailed report which describes risks and their likelihoods to occur as well as measures to prevent and/or mitigate them.  Our report will also include a calculation of availability for your infrastructure.

Another important deliverable of a Data Centre audit is the Operations and Maintenance Manual which is a guide written specifically for your organization and which details all procedures for the Data Centre (from regular ones such as access control to ones that should be followed in an emergency), events that should trigger the application of a procedure, preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, etc.  The Operations and Maintenance Manual will also contain detailed mapping of the Data Centre, including floor plans, all power and communications cabling and connections, equipment housed in each rack, power metering for each circuit and many more.

A Data Centre audit helps organizations realize how their infrastructure copes with the availability, reliability, security and scalability they need and in most cases organizations tend to discover that things are not exactly as they thought.