Data Centre Design

Although that the Data Centre of any organization is the heart of its operations, it is something that in many cases does not receive the required attention.  Even if a company has best of bread systems, if these "live" in an inappropriate Data Centre, there will be problems.  A problematic Data Centre can cause operational problems but can also cause a lot of money to be wasted on expenses for power and cooling, not to mention security issues.

When a company decides to build a new Data Centre or a smaller server room it can be bombarded with many different options from various vendors: e.g. under-floor or in-row cooling, CO2, FM200 or Inergen fire suppression, hot-aisle or cold-aisle implementation, etc.  Without having a detailed specification of what you need, including among others floor plans for the Data Centre, you won't be able to compare offers from different vendors as you will be comparing "apples to oranges" and not "apples to apples".

Simplex will prepare the specification for the ideal solution for your needs to ensure availability, reliability, security and scalability in the long term; we will also tackle power consumption and other environmental issues.  We can then design in detail your Data Centre.  The specification and design documents will be given to vendors who will be able to submit their financial offer (they won't have anything else to decide upon).  The offers will be assessed by Simplex based on financial and technical criteria and we will indicate to you the vendor we propose. 

Once the construction of the Data Centre is assigned to a vendor, Simplex will supervise the whole process to ensure that all work is done according to the specification and design prepared upfront.  Upon completion, Simplex will test all systems to ensure that everything has been implemented as it should and will only then deliver to you a fully operational Data Centre.

Our consulting services for new Data Centers will not only save you money and relieve you from the hassle of deciding for something that is not your expertise but will also, guarantee that you have the best possible, value for money, Data Centre for your needs now and in the future.