Disaster Recovery

Data backup is good but not optimal if a short recovery time is desired in case of a major disaster.  For example, if you have a motherboard that failed on primary equipment you will not be able to recover until you get a spare part; even worse, if there is a fire which destroys your primary equipment it will take weeks, maybe months to recover.  

According to research, two out of five businesses that experience a major disaster that causes data loss and which do not manage to recover essential operations within ten days go out of business within five years.  Other studies show that the aforementioned conclusion is quite optimistic.

Disaster recovery caters for the above by offering a high level of resiliency through having redundant equipment and applications physically located in our data centre.   These can be accessed remotely or even be physically moved wherever you want should your primary servers fail or become inaccessible.  Consolidation and virtualization technologies facilitates lowering the cost for a disaster recovery infrastructure.

For customers that use our Cyprus Data Centre as their primary one, Simplex offers disaster recovery solutions in affiliated data centers in Europe and the U.S.