Software & Licensing Solutions

Apart from custom-developed software solutions, Simplex can supply, install and configure various types of software.

Simplex offers Microsoft Server and PC system software such as Windows Server 2003/2008, Small Business Server (SBS) 2003/2008, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.  We can also provide Unix and Linux solutions like Solaris, FreeBSD, RedHat, CentOS, etc.  We can compliment all system software with installation, configuration and management services and we can implement various solutions such as Active Directory, High Availability Clusters, Virtualization, File Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers, etc.

We also provide various other software from Microsoft such as Exchange, SQL Server, Terminal Services, Office, etc.  In addition, we provide software from selected partners such as Acronis (backup and disaster recovery), ESET (anti-virus), GFI (security and communications) and Symantec (backup and anti-virus).  All software we provide can be accompanied by relevant services from our expert engineers.

Licensing Solutions

Software is a valuable asset for all organizations and in many cases, it costs much more than the hardware on which it runs.  In addition, legal complications that might arise if a company does not have proper licensing for the software it uses cannot only harm the company financially (due to fines which can be huge) but it also hurts its reputation while executives and IT managers can even have personal implications, maybe ending up in jail.

Simplex has the experience to advise you on the right licensing solutions for your organization to ensure you choose the smartest options in terms of cost, but also, in terms of ensuring that the licenses you purchase today are the best options for the future too.