Servers & Storage

Simplex is an authorized reseller of HP and IBM servers and storage systems.

Delivers scalability, performance, and broad interoperability required for critical data and applications designed to meet a range of storage networking needs from small and midsized businesses to the largest corporate enterprises.

We can advise you on the right server systems you need for your business to ensure they meet all current needs but also cater for future growth.  We can supply rack mounted or desktop servers as well as blade servers which we can configure according to your needs.

We have experience in building server clusters and utlizing virtualization technology to considate servers.  Our expert system engineers can work with any Windows-based or Unix/Linux-based operating systems to achieve the setup you need for your business.

We also supply efficient storage solutions that deliver the scalability, performance and interoperability to meet today's demanding storage needs for critical data and applications.  We can offer anything from cost-effective entry-level storage systems to enterprise-class SAN (Storage Area Network) systems as well as standalone or centralized backup systems.