Networks, Communications & Security

In today's business world networks are the most important asset of any organization.  Networks are used to communicate with partners, customers and colleagues in a number of different ways: e-mail, telephone, fax, video, etc.  Security has also been of paramount importance and becomes an even greater challenge with the unification of voice, video and data networks, wired or wireless.  Also, the need for teleworkers and VPN connectivity between headquarters and branch offices makes the scenery more complex and imposes higher security risks.

Simplex has the answers to all above by utilizing technologies from a number of different partners who are leaders in their field.

First of all it is Cisco, the leading vendor of network, communications and security equipment and software.  Cisco solutions cover any possible need that an organization of any size might have.  It is needless to mention about Cisco's leadership in routing, switching and security (firewalls, VPNs or the latest Cisco ASA devices).  Cisco has expanded its offerings though to offer leading unified communications solutions, which combine traditional telephony with VoIP (Voice over IP), solutions for storage area networks, surveillance and TelePresence.  Many people have the impression that Cisco solutions are expensive which is everything but true: the scalability, adaptability and reliability of Cisco equipment ensure a long life of service and guarantee protection investment.  Besides, Cisco Solutions for Small Businesses combine all the characteristics and features of enterprise Cisco products in smaller ones which come at an affordable price and with ease of use and management built-in.

Apart from Cisco products, Simplex also supplies a number of other products and solutions in the area of networks, communications and security:

  • SecPoint provides the Protector, a unified threat management appliance which works as anti-spam, anti-virus, provides web and content filtering and acts as a web proxy and an intrusion prevention system. It also provides the Penetrator and Portable Penetrator devices which are used for security and penetration testing of wired and wireless networks respectively.
  • Mainpine provides affordable multi-port interface cards for Fax, Data and Voice Applications. Mainpine fax boards can be combined with MS Fax, GFI Fax Maker and other fax software to facilitate simple and efficient fax communication through your email client.
  • GFI has a number of different products related to security such as GFI MailEssentials,one of the leading anti-spam products, and GFI MailSecurity for email anti-virus control at the server level, combinng multiple anti-virus engines. There are many other relevant to security and communications products from GFI such FaxMaker, EndPointSecurity, EventsManager,LANguard, NetworkServerMonitor, MailArchiver and WebMonitor.
  • ESET is one of the leading vendors of anti-virus software (NOD32) for servers of all kinds (email servers, file servers, etc.) as well as personal computers.
  • Fibernet specializes in DWDM technology and their Disaster Recovery applications.

Simplex can also supply you with physical security products such as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and Access Control.

Simplex has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right combination of products for your business and configure and manage them for you so that you can communicate reliably and securely in a cost effective way.