There are many reasons to choose Simplex as your ICT - Information and Communication Technology- partner:

State of the art Data Centre:

  • Branded equipment (CISCO, Juniper, Hewett Packard/HP,  IBM, Raritan, etc.)
  • Physical and network security

  • Fully redundant reliable environment
  • High bandwidth connectivity.

  • Single point of contact for all your IT needs
  • Strategic location
  • Workforce expertise
  • Partnerships with world leaders
  • Operational Support

Once an organization chooses to work with Simplex, it starts enjoying numerous benefits some of which are:

  • Focus on core business thus increasing efficiency and most importantly profitability for your organization.
  • Reduce IT-related capital expenditure and running costs.
    • Enjoy the advantages of IT expertise while not incurring the cost and effort to manage, maintain and operate an in-house IT department which cannot ever be fully fledged anyway.

    • Peace of mind via higher levels of availability, reliability and security.
    • Reduced time to market and lower costs of IT products and services.
    • Scalable solutions that evolve along with business needs
    • High customer service standards.

    Features and Benefits

    - Single point of contact for all your IT needs: IT, data center, cloud services
    - Reduce IT-related capital expenditure and running costs
    - Carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art data center
    - Highest levels of availability, reliability, physical and network security, backed by world-class SLAs
    - Reduced time to market
    - Scalability