Domain Services

Simplex offers a complete portfolio of Domain Name services.

The most important milestone in establishing a web presence is your domain name, e.g.  Simplex offers registration services for any TLD (top level domain) such as .com, .net, .org, .info,,, .ru, .eu, etc. We are proud to offer domain registrations at unbeatable prices and without hidden charges.  Domain registrations can be public or private.

We also offer Registrar Transfer services should you want to transfer your domains to us.

In all cases, domains registered by Simplex are secured and we use domain management tools which ensure that there is no possibility to accidentally miss any renewal.

DNS services compliment domain registrations done by Simplex but can also be offered for domains not registered by us.

In simple terms, Domain Name DNS means matching your domain name with a certain IP.  Having correct DNS records is particularly important especially if you have multiple hosts and services under your domain while incorrect DNS records can easily cause you serious problems, for example not being able to receive and/or send emails.