Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Consulting, helping organizations define and implement the right ICT policy, establish the appropriate infrastructure and adopt the solutions that will allow them to use technology efficiently so that they can focus on core values and grow their business.

Data Centre Audit

A Data Centre audit helps organizations realize how their infrastructure copes with the availability, reliability, security and scalability they need and results in the preparation of manuals and procedures  for Data Centre management and reaction to emergencies.

Data Centre Design

Simplex provides Data Centre Design services inculding the preparation of Data Centre specifications according to customer needs, data centre design, data centre procurement, construction supervision and commissioning.


By offering the procurement consulting services, our aim is to protect our customers by helping them choose solutions that are suitable for them as well as scalable to cater for their future growth.  We ensure our customers get the most cost-effective solutions protecting their investment.


The IT infrastructure of your business is of paramount importance for efficiency, customer service, information security and many more reasons.  If you seek to recruit inhouse IT staff it's important to recruit the right person(s) to avoid surprises which could harm your business.


Security is the foundation of any computing infrastructure and one of the fastest growing market segments of enterprise computing environments in the world. Every organization needs to take measures to protect systems and network.

Key Features and Benefits

Help organizations with today’s IT challenges:

  • Cost for IT infrastructure
  • Reliability and availability of network, bandwidth, hardware and power
  • Security
  • In-house human expertise