The highest levels of
availability, reliability
& security

Quality Policy

To offer reliable and efficient solutions, through the use of consistently high quality and technologically advanced products and services that satisfy the needs of the end-user. 


  1. The name of Simplex to become synonymous with high quality services 
  2. To establish Simplex as a market leader
  3. To cooperate with brands that are established global leaders in their fields
  4. To acquire the necessary human resources to enable the company to fulfill its goals
  5. To upgrade and optimize the company’s operations in order to be more efficient, productive and offer consistent, timely and reliable service
  6. To create working conditions that encourages productivity, efficiency and loyalty among personnel
  7. To effectively communicate the company’s leading status and build a strong brand name
  8. To expand the company’s product mix to cover new and emerging markets Implementation of a Quality 

Simplex is committed in implementing a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and its legislative / statutory responsibilities. To achieve this, it sets realistic and measurable objectives and undertakes regular assessment through internal audits, performance review meetings and client satisfaction feedback. These activities enable the company to undertake relevant corrective or preventive actions with the purpose of quality service and continuous improvement.