Everybody has heard about BlackBerry some things.  In simple terms, we would say that BlackBerry is a solution that combines real time email, “pushed” to your device which at the same time operates as a phone, web browser, organizer and instant messaging tool.

Blackberry solutions come in two forms, those offered by your mobile operator, such as CyTA or MTN for Cyprus (called Blackberry Internet Service) where the Blackberry Server is managed by your operator and Blackberry Enterprise Solutions where the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is part of your infrastructure.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is recommended for small, medium and large enterprises with an in-house mail and collaboration server who want to securely extend wireless communications and corporate data to mobile users.  The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides push-based access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes as well as business applications such as instant messaging and collaboration tools.

Apart from that Simplex can deploy a BlackBerry Enterprise Solution on existing infrastructure within your organization, it also revolutionizes the Cyprus BlackBerry market by offering the SteelWorks Mobile, an integrated server appliance that enables virtually any size organization to implement a BlackBerry Enterprise Server at a fraction of the cost, time and resource commitment. SteelCloud, manufacturer of SteelWorks Mobile, worked closely with Research In Motion (RIM), the creators of BlackBerry, to create this unique “BES in a Box” appliance that will allow the implementation of a BES environment in under 30 minutes.

There is no faster or simpler way to install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in your infrastructure than using a SteelWorks Mobile appliance:

  • SteelWorks Mobile reduces risk, increases reliability and improves your BlackBerry experience – every day!
  • The SteelWorks Mobile appliance is also the most cost effective way to install and support a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment.
  • Advanced utilities provide for higher availability and more reliable operation.
  • Existing infrastructure and applications are not mixed with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

When choosing a vendor to deploy your company's BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, Simplex is a one-way choice!