Simplex to expand Cyprus data center facility
Thursday, 18-February-10

Since November 2009, Simplex has experienced an increased demand for data center services offered out of its Limassol, Cyprus facility.  The demand has been for both Virtual Servers, colocation/rackspace of different sizes (whole rack, half rack, per U space) as well as managed services.  Many international customers have also chosen Simplex as their preferred supplier of HP and other servers as well as Cisco networking equipment.  As a result of the increased demand  Simplex has ended up with a facility which was 90% occupied at beginning of February 2010 while interest remains high.  Thus, in order to be ready to accommodate new customers, Simplex has decided to move on with expansion of its facility. 

Being confident that sooner or later it would need to expand its facility, Simplex had plans for how its data centre could be expanded from the very beginning.  Thus, the current expansion has not been an ad-hoc one but has been carefully planned long time ago.   The current expansion includes doubling of colocation space with racks supplied by APC.  Power capacity and protection will also be expanded with the deployment of a centralized, redundant (N+1) 3-Phase UPS and power distribution system from Eaton Powerware (BladeUPS).  The new power solution will not only meet current needs but is also easily and seamlessly scalable to meet future requirements as well.

The expanded facility is expected to be ready by mid-March 2010 and part of it is expected to be booked very soon.  The expanded facility will allow Simplex to host new customers and serve them at the well-known high service level standards.

Upon completion of the current expansion phase, Simplex will start preparing plans for even further expansion so that it is ready when this will be deemed necessary.

About Simplex
Simplex is a Cyprus-based company operating in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).  Simplex drives innovation by offering solutions and services out of the ordinary in the areas of ICT Consulting, Web & Internet Services, Data Centre Services and Advanced Infrastructure, making it a single point of contact for all the ICT needs of an enterprise.  Simplex has established partnerships with world leaders in all areas that it operates and in addition, operates its own state-of-art Data Centre.  Thus, Simplex has become the global IT partner for organizations across the 5 continents, coming from various industries/markets.