Major power problems in Cyprus - Simplex's Data Center working smoothly
Monday, 11-July-11

In the morning of Monday, 11 July 2011 around 5:45am an explosion of containers with gunpowder at an army campus next to the Vasiliko power station (the main power plant of Cyprus) destroyed it completely, causing 60% of the country's power capacity to be lost. 

Simplex's power systems (UPS's and power generator) kicked in immediately upon power failure and kept clients' systems up and running. However, very high voltage flowing in the power lines and frequency irregularities caused a serious problem to one of the company's UPS systems and thus, power supply to certain PDUs has been interrupted for less than a minute.

The company's SLA of 99.99% has not been violated since there was continuous power supply to at least one of the power feeds going to each rack.  Thus, clients whose servers and equipment have redundant power supplies or whose equipment has been connected to a Static Transfer Switch have not been affected at all.

Most of the country's power network is still down and the conditions continue to remain extremely humid.  The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) said that it is still uncertain when power will be recovered.  The Data Center is currently running smoothly on power from the backup diesel generator and the company's engineers work to ensure that transition back to utility power will be smooth.

Under these extreme conditions where the country's whole power network was brought to its knees and the tragedy arising from the lives lost at the accident at Vasiliko,  we consider it a major success and proof of the company's state of the art Data Centre infrastructure that there was no violation of the company's 99.99% SLA under such an extreme situation.

We will issue additional press announcements as required.