Simplex's Data Center achieving 100% uptime in a day of extreme conditions
Tuesday, 12-July-11

Further to the announcement posted on our website yesterday morning and email communication with our clients, the major accident which destroyed the Vasiliko power plant and 60% of Cyprus' electrical production capacity has become headlines on all major news channels and networks worldwide.

Our engineers had a hard day ensuring no service disruption to our Data Centre's systems.  In addition, around 23:00 last night, the problem caused to one of our UPS systems (see previous announcement) has been fixed with the replacement of the faulty module with a brand new one.  The replacement procedure took place without any downtime, proving the redundancy built into the company's systems.

In addition, the company's management has decided to invest in increasing the Data Center's UPS capacity as soon as possible through the addition of extra UPS modules that will improve redundancy from N+1 to N+N.  Taking into account that the company has sustained today's major accident without violation of its 99.99% SLA policy, it is certain that the additional UPS capacity will bring reliability to completely new levels.

Michael Omerou, Simplex's CEO said: "although the loss of lives during the accident is a real tragedy, life goes on and we are here committed to taking every effort and expenditure required to ensure the maximum possible reliability of our Data Center in order to serve our clients at the highest levels, helping them to achieve their business targets. Our infrastructure has yesterday demonstrated its reliability and will continue doing so in the coming days during whihc extended power outages are expected, maybe even for months.  Our engineers had a hard and long day yesterday, yet they proved more than capable of handling a difficult situation like this.  The best reward for all the team are the messages from our clients, thanking our team for keeping their systems up and running during such extreme conditions".

A particular email from a client says it all: "Only Simplex works in Cyprus today!".