New Helpdesk System
Monday, 10-October-11

Providing great service and support to our clients is our main target and at Simplex we continuously work to improve our internal procedures and processes towards this.  As part of this continuous improvement process, on Monday, 10 October 2011 we launched our new, improved helpdesk system.  The new system is expected to help maintaining our high service standards despite of our continuously growing client base and hence, increased number of service requests.

So far support requests were received via email or telephone.  The primary way of submitting requests with the new helpdesk system is via a user friendly web interface located at  Upon submission clients get a Ticket Number which they can reference in subsequent communication with the company regarding their request.  Emails sent to will also automatically create a service request in the helpdesk system and an automatic reply will be sent back to the client with the assigned ticket number.  Even for phone requests our helpdesk administrator will open a case on behalf of the calling customer in the helpdesk system.  Clients will be able to reply to open requests either via email or via the web interface.  When replying to a ticket via email, the message needs to be written in the designated area and the message is best sent in plain text.

The new helpdesk system allows better tracking of each request by both our helpdesk staff and the client, in a single screen showing the entire history of a service request and its current status, thus avoiding having to examine a number of emails to check where a request stands.  Also, the new helpdesk system facilitates categorization and prioritization of requests, which helps in even more efficient handling of service requests. 

The system also incorporates a knowledgebase system which the company plans to use in the near future to publish documentation such as guides and How To’s in regards of tasks that end-users could follow on their own to resolve common problems.

The system will eventually accept service requests only from registered users.  The same applies for email service requests where the source/from email is used to identify the registered user that is opening a case.  User accounts need to be created by Simplex before users can open service requests.  Registration requests will be approved only for the personnel authorized within each client company to contact Simplex for support requests.  Clients who have not yet submitted the list of personnel authorized to submit support requests are encouraged to do so as soon as possible (the number of people that each client is entitled to authorize for submission of service requests is specified on the service contract of each client).

As many of our clients do not yet have an account on our helpdesk system, until the end of 2011 the system will also accept requests from non-registered members submitted either online or via email.  Such requests will be opened as Guest tickets and can be tracked by ticket number individually, i.e. there is no single view for a guest to view status of multiple tickets opened.  As the system will only accept Guest tickets for a limited period, it is of paramount importance that all clients register for an account on our helpdesk system before the end of 2011.  Also, the email address for the new helpdesk system is while the old email will work only till the end of 2011 as well when it will be decommissioned; so clients who prefer submitting their service requests via email should start using

A very important detail for customers who are used to opening support tickets via email: the system will not accept any email requests that do not have a subject.  This is extremely important so please always remember to add a descriptive subject to each service request submitted via email otherwise the request will be automatically rejected and go unnoticed.

Finally, for clients with 24/7 support contracts (e.g. Data Center collocation clients with Remote Hands & Eyes or managed services contracts), the emergency number to call during non-business hours and on public holidays is +357-25-822 105.

The new procedure of submission of support requests might sound complicated but is in fact much simpler and more organized than the old one and complies with the procedures applied by big corporations worldwide.  So all clients are urged to start using the new procedure as soon as possible.  Our team is always here to assist for any questions that might arise.

Once again we assure our esteemed clients that we are always here to offer them our services at the highest level and the launch of our new helpdesk system is yet another step which will improve our already high service level to even higher standards.