Release of the official website of the Cyprus Football Association
Tuesday, 12-May-09

The long awaited official website of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) has been released to the public today, at a press conference that took place at the Hilton Hotel, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The relevant agreement has been signed back in October 2008 and since then both Simplex's and CFA's teams have worked closely together to come up with a result which is up to the highest standards in Europe.  The website includes not only news, fixtures and results, interviews, events, etc. but also, a lot of statistical information including detailed match reports for local leagues and international games, player statistics per competition, team statistics, scorers, standings and many more.  The system allows the automatic calculation of statistics after a game is completed ensuring the accuracy of all information.  The website also allows the publishing of multimedia information, including photo galleries, videos, etc.

All journalists that watched the presentation expressed their excitement about the depth of information and statistics available on the site, saying that having all this information online will be of great help to them.

The deputy president of CFA, Mr. Andreas Santis, said: "The association finally launches its official website and this will be the only way in which it will communicate any announcements from now on, moving away from traditional methods. The website will be updated on a daily basis under the supervision of the association's press office and will cover the entire spectrum of Cyprus football in an official way".  Mr. Santis thanked Simplex and its director, Mr. Michael A. Omerou, for the excellent work done for the web development and web hosting of the Cyprus Football Association's site and also, "for the really generous, low price at which Simplex's services were offerred, aiming to help CFA move forward with its plans to establish a web presence".

Mr. Omerou in turn thanked CFA for choosing Simplex for this important project and the teams of CFA and Simplex for their hard work, mentioning that the award of the project to Simplex is a proof of the lead that Simplex has in web development and web hosting in Cyprus.  He said that the website has been built up to the highest standards and is flexible to accommodate even more functionality in the future while he referred to the unparalleled facilities of the web hosting package used.  He concluded by saying that the association can count on Simplex's commitment to stand by the association for any future plans.

About the Cyprus Football Association 
The Cyprus Football Association is the authority responsible for all football competitions that take place in Cyprus.  It is also responsible for international affairs with other associations as well as UEFA and FIFA.

About Simplex
Simplex is a Cyprus-based company operating in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).  Simplex drives innovation by offering solutions and services out of the ordinary in the areas of ICT Consulting, Web & Internet Services, Data Centre Services and Advanced Infrastructure, making it a single point of contact for all the ICT needs of an enterprise.  Simplex has established partnerships with world leaders in all areas that it operates and in addition, operates its own state-of-art Data Centre.  Thus, Simplex has become the global IT partner for organizations across the 5 continents, coming from various industries/markets.