Web & Internet

Simplex offers a complete portfolio of services for the web/online presence of any organization.  Among others it offers web design, web development services, e-Commerce solutions and online payments, digital SSL certificates, shared hosting, virtual servers, domain names and DNS services and more.

Domain Services

Simplex offers a complete portfolio of Domain Name services, including public and private domain name registrations and DNS services.


Simplex offers a range of different hosting plans, capable of covering any possible need: from a personal or small business website to e-commerce and enterprise class websites.

Online Payments

The Online Payments service from Simplex allows businesses venturing online to accept credit card or other types of payment such as PayPal and CashU.

SSL Digital Certificates

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are used in e-commerce, e-banking, mail servers, etc. to secure the transmission of confidential information between servers and clients and in addition provide authentication of the server to the client.

Web Development & Solutions

At Simplex we offer custom web development but also, pre-packaged solutions which are easy to adapt to fit your special requirements.

Web Marketing

Simplex's Web Marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Submission and managment of PPC (Pay-per-Click) or CPC (Cost-per-Click) campaigns, guarantee targeted public awareness for your website and thus, your success.

Key Features and Benefits

Help organizations with today’s IT challenges:

  • Cost for IT infrastructure
  • Reliability and availability of network, bandwidth, hardware and power
  • Security
  • In-house human expertise