Kimberlite Management Services Ltd.
Thursday, 05-March-09


Customer: Kimberlite Management Services Ltd.

Kimberlite Management Services Ltd. (Kimberlite) is one of those companies that you know from the very beginning that they will succeed.  With open-minded management and a well structured plan they started their operations in 2008 from an office located in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus' International Business Centre.  Kimberlite offers a complete portfolio of corporate services and consultancy at really competitive fees.  Kimberlite's affiliated company, P. Polyviou Chartered Accountants specialises in the provision of audit, tax and advisory services and complements Kimberlite's services.

Simplex offered Kimberlite a total IT solution, including office infrastructure, server colocation as well as web development and hosting.  In regards of the latter, the targets were clear from the very beginning: a dynamic, yet user-friendly website that will be easy to manage and update.  Kimberlite wanted not only to use the website to publish information about itself but also, general information about people and corporations who are interested in investing in Cyprus and internationally.

With Simplex's expertise achieving the set targets was not questionable.  But it was the commitment of Kimberlite's management to making their corporate website a wealthy source of business information that contributed the most towards the success of the website.

Of course, any website that sits out on the Internet cannot be successful and will not help towards achieving business targets if the target audience is not made aware of it.  Simplex designed a carefully planned PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for Kimberlite which ensures high conversion rates.  The PPC campaign is very well-targeted in terms of keywords, geographies, etc. ensuring that money paid for clicks is not wasted but is converted to new customers for Kimberlite!